smart practice management

Our solutions

We provide the scalable solutions you need to run your entire Advisory Practice and transform the way you work.

Client Management

Give your advisors the best opportunity  of serving your clients, by building your client-centric practice today and say goodbye to those manual spreadsheets and lists that practice owners never have oversight of. Manage your customers more effectively through the customer life cycle. Create automated workflows to respond to new leads and existing customers and manage the responsiveness of your business.

Contract Management

As the industry moves towards advice-based fees, the importance of understanding your clients mix of financial products is increasing. HiVR allows you to record all your clients’ contracts such as Health, Wealth, Risk and Short-term insurance. The advantages of being able to see and understand your clients Financial Portfolio is substantial.

Practice Management

Manage your practice through dashboards. HiVR includes prebuilt Dashboards, with KPI metrics that are important to practices. Dashboards provide a real-time view of your business metrics. By effectively managing your business through dashboards, you can enhance decision-making, foster collaboration, and drive overall business performance.

FICA Compliance

HiVR is here to enable Advisors to complete their FICA Reviews and it aims to put you in control of your financial compliance responsibilities, by empowering you to manage FICA risk assessments with unparalleled ease and efficiency. HiVR swiftly calculates risk ratings, guides employees to get the right verification documents and identifies the next review dates, ensuring you always stay compliant.

Portfolio Reviews

The Annual Review process is designed to assess and reassess clients’ financial situation, their goals, and whether the financial products they own align with their financial goals and needs. It is also an opportunity to provide your client with valued advice and guidance. HiVR has leveraged technology to provide you with a tool that allows you to focus more on the client and the advice and less on the administration of Annual Reviews.

FSP Transfer Campaigns

Perform a bulk campaign that allows your advisors or brokers to transfer their clients from one advisory practice to another. With HiVR, you can make use of professionally templated emails together with a digital broker appointemnt letter that allows tracking of the email activities and the signing status of each letter.

Data Integration

Collect, store, and manage data from different sources and systems, in one place, quickly and efficiently. This includes integrated emails and third-party data. Storing data in once place provides easier access for staff to access and share data and for your company to do more for your customers within shorter response times.

Document Storage

Digital document storage allows your company to convert your traditional paper and filing systems to an online storage solution. With enhanced security, and no need for fireproof offices and cabinets, your company is able to search instantly for documents, saving you time, money and third party document storage costs.

Digital Documents

Our digital form and contract solutions are flexible and provide your business with the ability to receive information and feedback in near real time and enable your business to store this information in one place. Collect relevant information and signatures in a secure manner from your stakeholders and reduce the time spend on printing, tracking and filing of multiple copies.