Powering businesses for tomorrow

What we do

Bridging the gap between business problems and FinTech solutions

We craft smart automation solutions that benefit your businesses, staff and customers.

These solutions save you time and money and make your company easier to do business with! Bficient offers professional technology and software solutions to the business market to help you achieve your business goals in an paperless, efficient manner.

We recognize that businesses are unique and that their needs cannot be met with prebuilt functionality. Our aim is to understand our client’s business needs and to match those needs with tailored Fintech solutions. Our cloud-based solutions enable your company to operate, anywhere, anytime, using mobile and web applications.

Why choose us?

We don’t just build digital solutions. We walk the journey with you.

We believe in a rapid development approach. We set digital goals that aim to deliver the biggest incremental value for your business, in the shortest periods of time, without business disruptions.

We choose digital goals, in collaboration with you. We focus on enabling your company, employees and its customers to adapt to a digital environment more easily.

We provide you with cost effective solutions that are competitively priced. Our software solutions are developed in low or no code environments, enabling us to present scalable, sustainable and cost-effective solutions to you.

We ensure a smooth transition. We manage the data transfer process and work with you to identify ways to accurately transfer the correct data to your new system.

We work with you post implementation. Supplemented with user support and training, we perform post-implementation reviews to ensure that the digital solution is working for you in the way you intended, and that it delivers the required value.

Let us be your digital transformation partner.

What we offer

We revolutionize the way your practice works by implementing simplistic technology that drives business scalability

We provide cloud based, customer-tailored software development solutions, which will enable your company to use mobile and web applications to:


Securely collect and centralize data


Improve compliance management


Standardize operations


Provide insights into your business

We aim to:


Reduce your company’s complexity


Increase employee and customer convenience


Simplify administration to reduce the time that your employees spend on administrative tasks


Free up your employee time to better prepare for client meetings and to work on business growth

Why go Digital?

Paperless environments are becoming the norm and your business’s ability to process your customer information quickly, can become a differentiating factor for success

Studies have shown that:


Organisations can spend up to 35% of their time on administration


Automation can reduce the time AND cost of administrative transactions by as much as 30%


Digitally mature firms are 23% more profitable than their less mature peers (Forbes)


Digitally mature firms are 64% more likely to achieve their business goals than their peers (Forbes)


67% of consumers will pay more for a great experience (Forbes)

A smart digital solution will position your business:


To remain competitive by managing potential opportunities faster and more effectively


To improve your customer target markets by accessing a broader market


To increase existing customer satisfaction by sourcing insights about your customer needs and tailoring services offered to them


To reduce operational costs by decreasing the amount of time spent on administration and reporting


To increase effective decision making with automated reports and business analytics, by collating client and external data

Free yourself from the weight of paper.